Your StickyAccount is your online account where you can manage your Sticky Password 7 license and settings, and everything to do with backing-up and syncing your passwords on your authorized devices using Sticky Password cloud storage. Your StickyAccount is protected by your StickyPass and the connection uses HTTPS protocol to ensure secure communication when you log in.

Sticky Password also uses your StickyID and StickyPass when connecting to Sticky Password cloud storage when syncing and backing up your database.

NOTE: It is not possible to access your encrypted Sticky Password database through your StickyAccount. Your password database is accessible only to you through one of your trusted devices.

The direct link to the StickyAccount login page can be found here. It’s also easily accessible from the homepage of our website ( click on Sign in to Sticky Account at the top of the page.


Logging into your StickyAccount

If you skipped creating a StickyAccount when you installed Sticky Password 7, I’ll walk you through the steps of creating your StickyAccount in my tutorial: Creating a StickyAccount for Online Synchronization.

To view your StickyID and StickyPass, go to the main screen in Sticky Password. Click ‘Menu’ in the upper right corner and select ‘Settings’. Go to the ‘My Account’ section.

Enter your StickyID (your e-mail) and StickyPass (this is your StickyAccount password – this is NOT your Master Password) and click Login.




Now that you are successfully logged in, I’ll go through the most important sections of the Dashboard.

1. Your StickyID is shown in the upper right corner, where you will also find the Logout button.

2. In the My Licences section you’ll find information about your License Key(s).

Click ‘Enter new License Key’ to renew your existing license, or to change your trial period to a full license. Your new License Key will be updated on all your devices.

3. In the Trusted Devices section you can see all the devices that you use with Sticky Password, as well as the browsers you use to access your StickyAccount.


Settings tab


Select the Settings tab to get to your account information. On this page, you can change your StickyPass, add an alternative e-mail, restore your database, and more.

1. Your StickyID is the email address that is associated with your StickyAccount. Your StickyID and StickyPass are the authentication credentials for your StickyAccount.

2. This is your StickyPass password. This is the password that you created to access your StickyAccount. Sticky Password also uses your StickyPass when syncing and backing up your database using Sticky Password cloud storage.

(NOTE: This is NOT your Master Password that you use to unlock Sticky Password on your device.)

Click Change to change your StickyPass, but remember that each time you change your StickyPass, it will be necessary to change it on all your devices.

Your StickyID and StickyPass are the authentication credentials for your StickyAccount.

3. Alternative e-mail. OPTIONAL. Enter an e-mail address here only if you prefer to have all communication, including one-time PINs, associated with your StickyAccount sent to an e-mail address different from your StickyID e-mail address. When you enter an email address here, no communication will be sent to your StickyID email.

Click Change to add or change an e-mail address.

4. Authorization. Three options are available.

– Authorize any device: this is the default option. Any device/browser with the correct StickyAccount credentials may synchronize databases and access your StickyAccount. No secondary authentication is required when adding a device to your StickyAccount.

– One-time PIN: When selecting this authorization method, a PIN will be sent to your StickyID (e-mail address) or Alternative e-mail (if specified) whenever a request to add a device to your StickyAccount is made. In order for the device to be added to the trusted devices list, the PIN must be entered along with your StickyAccount credentials.

– No new devices: When you select this setting, only those devices already listed in your Trusted Devices are allowed to connect to your StickyAccount. No new devices will be allowed to connect to your StickyAccount when this authorization setting has been selected. To add a new device to your Trusted Devices, you will need to change the setting to one of the above settings.


5. Restore. This option restores the selected version from the cloud, which will be synchronized across all your trusted devices associated with this account, regardless of whether the database on the device is newer than the cloud database. This option should only be used in cases where the StickyAccount and device databases repeatedly are not synchronizing. Click the down arrow to select the cloud database that you would like to use for the backup and then click Restore.

6. Delete all cloud data. This option deletes all your data (passwords, Identities, logins, Secure Memos) from your cloud database.

NOTE: this does not delete the data stored in Sticky Password on your devices. After deleting your cloud data, you will be able to backup and sync the device database with the cloud.

7. Delete this account.This option deletes your entire StickyAccount. In addition to all your data (passwords, Identities, logins, Secure Memos, etc.), your StickyAccount and StickyPass are also deleted. .

NOTE: this does not delete the data stored in Sticky Password on your devices. After deleting your StickyAccount, it will no longer be possible to back your device data to the cloud.