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Softpedia Review: Sticky Password Premium 5/5 Stars

Check out the review of Sticky Password Premium at  

Android User Mag Review: Sticky Password Offers a Comprehensive No-Hassle Package

July is turning out to be a big month for all our German friends. The soccer team made its way convincingly to the final of the world’s largest soccer tournament (olé olé olé), and the team at just published a great review of Sticky Password for Android. “Combined with the capability to synchronize Windows […]

PC Magazine Review: Sticky Password 7 is Excellent

Check out the review of Sticky Password 7 in PC Magazine.  

Coin – go gadget go?

Have you heard about Coin, the new digital holder for your credit cards? It’s very high-tech and gadgety, while the name has a pleasant, casual ring to it. (Surely the  name ‘coin’ was chosen to suggest ‘money or cash’, rather than the small pieces of metal that jingle around in our pockets!) The credit card-sized […]