Importing Firefox Passwords into Sticky Password

Add security to your passwords by exporting them from the web browsers you use into Sticky Password. Your passwords will be secure in the encrypted Sticky Password database. To import your Firefox passwords, right-click on the Sticky Password icon in the lower right corner and select Open Sticky Password. In the Main User Interface window […]

Holding His Breath Until He Turns Blue

At first glance, this story seems kind of funny, but it reveals a bigger problem. Mark Aronsen of New Zealand is refusing to change the password for his online account at the local power company. He says that he’s happy with his current password, and that the company is being ‘mischievous’ in their efforts to […]

The Π of passwords

Last Friday was Pi Day (3/14). Our niece was part of a school contest to see who could remember Pi out to the most digits. (We’re guessing that this is not an exciting spectator sport.) Even though she remembered it out to the 111th digit(!), she didn’t win. Not by a long shot. The winner […]

The Cognitive Dissonance of Online Security

Ever wonder about cognitive dissonance? You know, that confused moment as a child when you came across mommy kissing Santa Claus. (You had about a split second to decide whether to cry, or to tell on mom, or see if you could use the info to your advantage to wangle more loot from old St. […]

Passwords. Seriously. ! ? ;-)

With all the talk about security, do people really take passwords and security seriously? A recent headline tells us: New Password System at Springfield College Increases Security On the face of it, this seems to be a straightforward story of a business or institution – in this case Springfield College in Massachusetts – upgrading its […]

Idiocracy 2014: FedGov Cybersecurity After 7 Years and $65 billion

“Since 2006, the federal government has spent at least $65 billion on securing its computers and networks, according to an estimate by the Congressional Research Service.” Said Sen. Tom Coburn, MD, Ranking Member, in his Report by the Minority Staff of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee Wow! That kind of money must buy […]

Whatever Happened To Privacy?

We’re big on privacy. As enthusiastic proponents of passwords, you could say it’s our raison d’etre – it’s what we’re all about. Every year on January 28, we look forward to Data Privacy Day just like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin (but with fewer pumpkins). We were encouraged to see that the younger crowd […]

Passwords and the Artist

We’ve seen lots of lists of passwords that were exposed as the result of security exploits (in recent years Adobe, Yahoo!, Hotmail, LinkedIn and many other companies, large and small, have been hacked), but we’ve never seen a list like this. Earlier this year, German artist Aram Bartholl published created “Forgot Your Password?” – an […]

The Words on Passwords [infographic]

Smartphones and mobile devices are the waves upon which we ride into the future, and until we do something about our abysmal security habits now, our cybersecurity waters look pretty murky. According to a study conducted by Janrain, a productivity management provider, one of the major setbacks associated with user security is remembering all of […]

Android Security: Remote Password Management

Android data security recently received an upgrade that allows for remote password protection. According to Computer World, it is now possible for users whose mobile devices have been compromised to update the password or pin by utilizing an Internet-based Google form. The Lock command, accessible from any laptop or tablet with a connection to the net, will […]