Have you checked out all the synchronization options available with Sticky Password? Sticky Password Premium supports multiple options for syncing your passwords across all your devices and backing up your encrypted database. Let’s take a look!


A quick note before we get started: regardless of the setting your choose, your encrypted database can only be accessed on your devices – never in the cloud!

Synchronization – the options:

Cloud synchronization allows you to take advantage of the secure Sticky Password cloud solution to sync and backup your passwords and other data (Identities, Secure Memos) you have stored in Sticky Password. Your encrypted database is securely backed-up in the cloud and, as I mentioned above, your database cannot be accessed in the cloud – only on your devices!

Local syncing is a  special feature that allows you to sync your devices with each other over your local Wi-Fi network. Syncing takes place over your Wi-Fi – your encrypted database never goes out to the cloud.

You can also choose Disable sync and your encrypted data never leave your device.

Choosing the sync option that’s right for you:

1. During the First Run Wizard

2. In the Sticky Password main window

3. In the Settings menu

  1. During the First Run Wizard

You first came across the Sticky Password sync options in the First Run Wizard (right after installing Sticky Password). You had the option of enabling/disabling cloud sync. Regardless of the initial selection you made, you can change your mind later.


2. In the Sticky Password main window

Once you have Sticky Password up and running, the easiest way to change sync options is in the Sticky Password main window. Hover your mouse pointer over the lower left corner of the Sticky Password main window – that’s where the Sync setting lives. Your current setting is displayed.

A little arrow will appear: click it and a drop down menu will reveal the options.


Select the syncing option you’d like to use going forward.

3. In the Settings menu

Click the Menu button in the upper right corner and select Settings.


Click Synchronization. Your current sync setting will be indicated with the black dot in the respective radio button.


Select the syncing option you’d like to use going forward, and click Save.

That’s it! To find out more about local syncing (via wifi), check out our tutorial Synchronize Your Data – Local Sync Option.