Sticky Password for Android

Posted by Gabriela Nárožná Mar.18, 2014 in Tutorials & Tricks

Download and Install the Sticky Password app via Google Play and tap the Sticky Password icon.

The First Run Wizard will start and you can create a new synchronization account (we call it your StickyAccount) OR you can connect to an existing account. After setting up your account you will be able to synchronize all your devices via Sticky Password Cloud services.

Let’s get started creating your new StickyAccount.

Tap Create New.

Enter your email address: your e-mail address is required as the unique identifier for synchronization and access to the StickyAccount. This will be your personal StickyID.

Enter your password. This is your StickyPass – this password is needed together with your StickyID to connect to your synchronization service and to access your StickyAccount.

Confirm your new StickyPass password and tap Create Account.

Congratulations! You are now connected to your Sticky Account. Tap Continue.

Since you are just starting with Sticky Password, you’ll need to create your Master Password for your database where your passwords and other data will be encrypted and securely stored. The Master Password that you create is your key that ensures that no one can get to your passwords and misuse them. You can change your Master Password as often as you would like to ensure that it remains secret.

Only you know your Master Password, so make sure keep it safe and don’t forget it.

Confirm your Master Password and tap Create Database.

Installation Complete! Now you’re ready to start using Sticky Password. Tap Let’s start.

 Go through the First run wizard by tapping Next and then tap Continue.

Now you can add passwords for your Web Accounts and App Accounts, Bookmarks for your favorite websites, Identities for form-filling and Secure Memos. You can synchronize all your data via Sticky Password Cloud services across all your devices.