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Being Safe on Twitter

Today, I would like to continue with the topic social media and security. In the previous couple tutorials, I showed you how to be safe on Facebook and some more Facebook security tips and tricks. Today we’ll take a look at Twitter. Here are a few tips for your security on Twitter. Use a strong password and change it […]

Unplugging the Dangers of Digital Distraction – #ChatSTC

New message! Check out this epic video! You won’t believe what happened next! Even without these triggers, most of us are constantly checking our digital device(s) to make sure we’re not missing anything. It’s become a reflex. We’ve gotten used to interrupting whatever we’re doing – even our own thoughts – in the hopes that […]

Even More Facebook Safety Tips

Recently, I showed you how to be safe on Facebook. Today, I’ll introduce you to two more extra security features – Login Notifications and Login Approvals. 1. Login Notifications Login Notifications are a very useful extra security feature in Facebook. When you turn on Login Notifications, Facebook will send you an alert each time someone […]

Don’t Call It Password Sharing, Because It’s Not

Have you heard the latest? Sharing passwords is illegal. At least that’s what the headlines are telling us: Password Sharing is a Federal Crime, Appeals Court Rules US appeals court upholds conviction over shared password Chap fails to quash ‘shared password’ ‘hacking’ conviction Let’s see if we can’t dissect the story to find out what’s […]

The Shortcut to Online Security, Strong Passwords & Privacy

It is no use saying, ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary. Winston Churchill The indispensable element of Winston Churchill’s famous quote is the implied action: taking steps to reach a goal. (Churchill was definitely a man of action!) In today’s often jittery environment of online security […]

Being Safe on Facebook

If you’re using social media, then it’s more than likely that you have a Facebook account. (I know I do! 🙂 ) Facebook is great for staying in touch with friends and family, but the security and privacy settings can be a little tricky. Every once in a while, the team at Facebook is known […]

Bad Password Policies Lead to Bad Passwords (video)

Very nice discussion between Steve Ragan ( and Martin Bos (TrustedSec) on why so many passwords still suck: it’s in the patterns we use! Policies at work and on sites we visit instill bad habits and then reinforce our bad habits – all while we think we’re being secure! “Years ago, I did a talk […]

Sticky Password Gives You Local Sync Options for your PC and iOS

Today I’ll show you how to use Local sync over your Wi-Fi or other local network. To take advantage of all the benefits of backing up and syncing your data, make sure that you’re using Sticky Password Premium. Sticky Password offers two types of secure data synchronization. Synchronization via the cloud – allows you to backup […]

4 Easy Things You Can Do That Will Keep You Safe Online

“Most of the problems that we really want to solve in the security field can’t be solved by computers alone.” * This simple, straightforward message speaks volumes to the approach that most folks take when it comes to their security online: they expect their smart and not-so-smart devices to do security for them. It may […]

Autolock on your iPhone or iPad

In my previous tutorials, I showed you a couple of options that are simple to activate and will help protect your passwords even more for Windows and your Mac. Today, I’ll show you how to set Autolock for your iPhone. Autolock locks Sticky Password when your iPhone or iPad has been inactive for a set amount of […]