Sticky Password Teams Up with EyeLock to Provide Password Management Solution for myris

Users receive enhanced password management, form autofill and browser integration with myris, the first-ever iris authentication device for enterprise and mass market. NEW YORK – September 29, 2014 — Password management software provider Sticky Password today announced it has partnered with EyeLock Inc., a market leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, to integrate its software […]

Shellshock – The Bash Bug

Shellshock Bash Bug – What is it? Shellshock. It’s what the latest and greatest computer bug is being called. It’s a bug in the Bash shell – that impacts all UNIX-based systems, including Linux and Mac OS X. It also includes devices like WiFi routers and devices that have UNIX code and Bash installed. And […]

Working with Secure Memos

Do you use paper notes to jot down ID, registration and other important numbers, security and access codes, software license keys, and even private ideas and memos? In today’s tutorial I’ll introduce you to Secure Memos: the best way for you to securely store your memos. TIP: Use Secure memos to store your security questions […]

WSJ Survey Roundup

The Wall Street Journal has a nice summary of a several recent surveys dealing with ‘risk and compliance’ issues. Of particular note in regards to online security and privacy: “Fuhgeddaboudit!: More than 60% of Americans want some version of the “right to be forgotten” law .” Sticky Password CTO Pavel Krcma talks about the practicality […]

Adding Accounts with the Sticky Pointer

Are you taking full advantage of the handy and unique Sticky Pointer? Not yet? Let me show you what you’re missing. In an earlier tutorial, I showed you how to add a new account for a password-protected app (e.g. Skype or FileZilla) using the Sticky Password Caption Button. In today’s tutorial I’ll introduce the Sticky […]

Larry Bridwell Talks With CNBC’s Hamza Ali About ‘Insider Hacking’

Larry Bridwell, Sticky Password’s Global Security Strategist, chatted with CNBC’s Hamza Ali about ‘insider hacking’ – business IT systems being hacked or breached from inside the company. Cited in the article is an online poll of 300 IT decision makers conducted by Clearswift, a UK-based cyber security firm: a whopping 83% had experienced a data […]

Changing Your Passwords – Twitter Edition

“Passwords are like underwear. You shouldn’t leave them out where people can see them, loan them to friends and you should change them regularly.” Changing passwords for your favorite accounts is easy with Sticky Password! In today’s tutorial I’ll show you how to change your Twitter password – quickly and securely. Open your Twitter account, […]

Back to School Do’s and Don’ts

Security is a habit Now that summer is coming to an end and the new school year is under way, it’s a great time for a quick refresher of a few good habits that will increase your kids’ online security. When they are small, we tell our kids not to talk to strangers. As they […]

Importing Your Passwords – iOS Edition

In an earlier tutorial, I showed you how to connect your iPhone or iPad to your StickyAccount in order to take advantage of the backup and synching capabilities and have your passwords on all your devices. Today I’ll show you another way to get all your passwords and other data into your iOS device: manually […]

The JPMorgan Chase Hack – 4 Things You Should Do Right Now

The latest news reported by The New York Times, Bloomberg and other channels is that JPMorgan Chase and several other as-yet-unspecified US banks have been hacked. The FBI and security firms are actively investigating. The motivation, as well as who is behind the attacks, is not yet certain, however, it is known that the hackers […]