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Top-Rated Tutorials from 2015

What a year Sticky Password had in 2015!! New features, support for more browsers on more platforms, an Editors’ Choice selection by PCMag, and even more of what you look for in a password manager. Before we move on to an even more exciting 2016, here’s a rundown of the most popular tutorials from 2015. […]

Passwords, Everyday!

You use passwords everyday: sending email, shopping online, staying in touch via Facebook, Twitter, and your other social media, banking online, making new contacts via LinkedIn, calling grandma over Skype, checking your children’s grades, updating this week’s fantasy football roster, and on and on… You can’t escape them, because just about everything you do online […]

Security Resolutions for 2016

Dear Sticky Password blog readers! Let me wish you a safe and Happy New Year! Today, instead of a new tutorial for you, I have some straightforward ideas for New Year’s resolutions that you’ll want to keep: I will use a unique password for each website. I will install software updates. I will use 2 factor […]

Who are your passwords protecting you against?

When it comes to passwords, we all deal with them somehow. We have to, because passwords are just about everywhere these days. Whether you have yours on a spreadsheet on your PC, or written on a piece of paper (or lots of pieces of paper), or you have that one ‘super’ password you use on […]

Setting Password Reminders

Even little kids today know that passwords should be strong and should be changed regularly. But how do you know that the password you’re using is strong? And how can you remember when to change my password? Sticky Password users don’t have to worry about that. Let’s explore Sticky Password warnings! There are two types of warnings in […]

Quick and Easy Access Options with Sticky Password

Today, I’d like to show you some tips that not only beginners are going to really enjoy. I’ll cover the two main points of contact with Sticky Password that are really useful in everyday activities on your computer, and I’ll add an extra tip that will save you time. Sticky Password in your browser The first […]

Security Now!

In today’s world of instant gratification, it would really be strange if we didn’t have the same expectations for security: online safety, immediately and with as little effort as possible. But is that realistic? Our friends at The Security Awareness Company published our blog Security Now!, and we thought you might enjoy it. Security Now! […]

Taking Advantage of Portable Passwords by Sticky Password

Do you ever need to login with your passwords on a computer that isn’t your own? Do you ever use public computers at school, at a neighbor’s house, or in the library or an internet cafe? If the answer is yes, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Sticky Password portable version. Sticky Password gives […]

Cloud-based Parental Control Software – Save 25%

Put your mind to rest knowing exactly how your children use their computer.  See what apps and games they use, who they talk to, what websites they visit, and a whole lot more. SentryPC is a cloud-based monitoring, filtering, and control software wrapped into one – used and recommended by parents worldwide to protect their […]

Sticky Password Preferences on Your Mac

Today, we’ll take a look at Sticky Password preferences on your Mac. You’ll need to be logged in to Sticky Password to access the preferences menu. Now, click Sticky Password in the application bar and select Preferences… The Sticky Password preferences dialog appears. Lets go through the tabs one by one: Account tab: In the first […]