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Changing Your Passwords: Clearing Up the Confusion

When it comes to changing your passwords, just how often is often enough but still not so often that it undermines security? In a recent tweet, Jason Harris brought up the confusing and often conflicting advice of changing passwords. The response doesn’t fit into 140 characters, so we took to our blog to cover the […]

The Importance of Protecting Your Identity

You’re taking all the right steps to keep your passwords from falling into the wrong hands. Great! But are you putting the same effort into protecting your identity? Your risk of identity theft can vary, depending on variables that may not even occur to you like which state you reside in to where you park […]

Adding Accounts with the Sticky Pointer

Are you taking full advantage of the handy and unique Sticky Pointer? Not yet? Let me show you what you’re missing. In earlier tutorials, I’ve shown you how to add a new web account for your favorite websites using the Sticky Password icons in the input fields. But that’s not the only way to add […]

Privacy, Security and Cybercrime Awareness

Data breaches. Hackers. Passwords. ID Theft. Privacy. Cyber security terms appear in the headlines so often that many of us have grown immune to them. Instead of raising our awareness – and therefore our ability to react appropriately – the abundance of news may have a desensitizing effect. Instead of helping us identify problem areas […]

How to manage your Gmail Accounts

Today I would like to show you some tips for entering and saving your Gmail credentials. Let’s say you’re logging into your Gmail account. You enter the URL ““ in the address bar field of your favorite browser. Enter your email (login) into the field as you normally would and click the blue Next button. […]

Security Now!

In today’s world of instant gratification, it would really be strange if we didn’t have the same expectations for security and online safety that we have for watching movies on Netflix or getting the latest scores: we want it immediately and with as little effort as possible. But is that realistic? Too many folks think […]

Sticky Password adds two-factor authentication to further protect users passwords

Popular password manager and form filler introduces additional layer of security. Sticky Password, a leading password management software provider, today announced that it is introducing two-factor authentication (2FA) to its popular award-winning password manager available immediately at, and the Google Play and iTunes app stores. “In order to provide additional security for our users and […]

Using Sticky Password with Skype

In previous tutorials, I’ve shown you how Sticky Password can automatically fill in your credentials for your favorite websites and log you in automatically. You can also use Sticky Password for your favorite programs and applications like Skype. In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how add a new application account for Skype. Adding Skype to your […]

The Basics of Online Safety

When you think about it, many of the day-to-day things we do to protect ourselves in the physical world involve following basic rules. When crossing the street, for example, it’s enough to know to look both ways and to cross at the green, not in between before stepping into the crosswalk. We don’t have to […]

How to Add a New Bookmark (Video)

One of the features I like about Sticky Password is the ability to conveniently organize all my favorite websites – even the pages that don’t have logins. With Bookmarks, you can arrange all your favorite websites in the familiar Sticky Password interface. I spend most of my day on the computer, and Bookmarks make it […]