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The TalkTalk Hack and What It Means for Your Security

The web and news sites are of full of the recent breaking story and updates about the hack of TalkTalk – the British provider of broadband services. Interest in the hack is very high – as are questions about password security. One category of questions can be summarized as: I don’t have a TalkTalk account, […]

You Know That Funny Feeling You Get When You’re Being Stared At?

Webcams give you a chance to stay in contact with people you care about, yet they can pose a great threat to your privacy. While almost everyone has heard about infamous keylogging, people are not aware that every device connected to their PC’s has the potential to be used for malicious logging. Webcam loggers are […]

Are You Really Going to Use That?

When it comes to protecting data, small businesses often set themselves up for unnecessary trouble because they overreach the type and amount of data they collect from their clients and potential customers. As part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, our blog Are You Really Going to Use That? came out on the 360 Cyber […]

Protect Your Information in Any Format

The cost of cyber crime increased a whopping 19% this year compared to 2014, according to the latest Cost of Cyber Crime study from the Ponemon Institute. On average, companies in the study lost $15 million due to cyber crime. The 12th annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month provides information and resources with a goal […]

Encrypted Email: The Privacy Alternative to Gmail #CyberAware

Ever since the Snowden leaks, people are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of their data. They refuse to continue using mainstream internet services that exploit personal data for advertisements and maximizing profit. The amount of information big companies have on us by now is frightening, and it gets more with every click. This allows […]

PIN Authentication on Your iOS Device

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set up optional PIN protection for Sticky Password on your iOS device. You’ll be able to enter a 4-digit pin that you create instead of your Master Password when unlocking your Sticky Password. Run Sticky Password. Tap the Settings button in the lower right corner. Tap App Protection. […]

Static Code Analysis – A Developer’s Best Friend

With computer hackings and cyber attacks rising exponentially worldwide, organizations are struggling to clearly define their security strategies. Applications are becoming more and more advanced with their functionality, but they are also allowing hackers to access sensitive user information (data theft) or even carry out Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Static Code Analysis – A […]

Teaching Kids About Passwords

Passwords are not going away anytime soon. If kids don’t learn basic password management skills for the devices, apps, sites and games they use, we’re setting our kids up for long-term failure from a security perspective. The security skills kids learn today are extremely important as passwords (in some form) will most likely be used […]

Social Media Sign In: Risk or Reward?

These days every website seems to require a password. In truth, I have lost track of the total number of accounts and passwords I have. When you find yourself needing to sign up for the 79th time, it can be quite exhilarating to be offered the ability to sign on using Facebook, LinkedIn or another network […]

Protecting Your Children on the Computer and Internet

The Third National Juvenile Online Victimization Study (2013) by the Crimes Against Children Research Center informs us that many children report that they have received an unwanted sexual solicitation via the Web. That is a shocking, to say the least. See the report and others about teens and their experiences on the internet at the […]