NSA Monitors Virtual Worlds, Too

Posted by Sticky Password Dec.11, 2013 in Passwords & Security
NSA spies World of Warcraft

NSA spies World of Warcraft

It makes sense. If the NSA and other spy agencies are monitoring all communication around our world, then it was just a matter of time before they started checking out other worlds: the wild and wonderful worlds of online gaming. Or, maybe it started the other way round. In any case, the agency spies are watching World of Warcraft quests in order to get ideas about what sort of crazy ideas players may be dreaming up.

Maybe the spies are just bored. If, like a spy, the focus of your life was voyeurism, wouldn’t you rather be watching someone play games in exotic locales than have to sort through all the baby pictures sent to all those proud grandmas all over the world. And, you guessed it, the spies even get to play the games. (Now that sounds like a fun job!)

Surely, immersing themselves in these virtual worlds is necessary to keep our world safe from inter-galactic domination. And, it’s probably fun, too.