Tips for entering and saving your Gmail credentials with Sticky Password 7.0

Let’s say you’re logging into your Gmail account. You enter the URL „“ into the address bar field into your favourite browser.

As usual, you manually enter your email (login) and password into fields and click the blue Sign-in button.

Gmail Account

Now is the time for Sticky Password. After clicking on the blue Sign-in button Sticky Password automatically prompts you to save a new Account for your Gmail email account. Click Add new Account.

Sticky Password

Your Gmail Login and Password are now securely stored in Sticky Password and ready to use!


Sticky Password


Now when you go to the website where you have an account, Sticky Password logs you in automatically. When you have multiple accounts for this site, you will see the bubble next to the login form. Just choose the credentials you want to autofill.


Multiple Accounts - Sticky Password bubble

You can access all your accounts quickly from the Quick Launch Box as well.

Sticky Password - Quick Launch Box

And what’s more, no matter where you are or which device you use, you can access your Gmail account anytime from your iPhone or Android device!

Access your Gmail Account anytime with Sticky Password