Thank you for making the switch to Sticky Password! I’m confident you’ll appreciate the experience and security that you’ll have with Sticky Password. Now is the time to export your passwords from your former Password manager. Today, we’ll take a look at moving your LastPass passwords over to Sticky Password.


To start, I’ll show you how to export your passwords and other saved data (like bookmarks and Identities) from LastPass. Click the LastPass icon in the upper right corner of your browser and select My LastPass Vault.


Click Tools and select Export. Note: the export file will be in CSV (comma separated values) format. CSV files are NOT encrypted. We’re dealing with password and logins, so it’s important to delete the file right after you import it into Sticky Password – where all the data will be stored in encrypted format.


The ‘Reprompt’ dialog will appear for you to login and enter your LastPass password. Enter your Email and LastPass Master Password and click Log In.


Select the location on your computer where you would like to save the exported file, type a file name and click Save.


You’ve just exported you passwords from LastPass. Now you’ll need to import them into Sticky Password.

Click the Sticky Password icon in the lower right corner of you screen (your ‘system tray’) and select Open Sticky Password to open the main Sticky Password window.


Click the menu in the upper right corner and select Import.


Click Other Password managers and applications.


Select LastPass and click Next.


Select the imported LastPass file and click Open.


Click Import all.


Click Close.

lastPass12Congratulations! Your passwords, bookmarks and other stored data are now stored in the Sticky Password database and ready to use.

Now that your passwords are safely in Sticky Password, make sure to delete the CSV file!

* If you find that the export from LastPass is giving you trouble, I recommend that you try exporting using Internet Explorer.