Getting Started with Sticky Password

Posted by Gabriela Nárožná May.27, 2014 in Tutorials & Tricks

Today, I’ll show you how quick and easy it is to install Sticky Password on your Windows computer.

Download the Sticky Password installer to your PC from our website. (You can also find the installer here

Go to the location where you downloaded the file and double click to start the installation. (The installation file will be named stpass_7xxxx – where ‘7xxxx’ represents the software build of Sticky Password you are downloading.)


Select the language that will be used during the installation and click OK.


Thank you for downloading Sticky Password!

Click Next.


After reading the License Agreement, check the checkbox to accept. You must accept the License Agreement in order to continuing installing Sticky Password.

You also have the option to help improve the user experience. Check the checkbox in order to participate by allowing anonymous usage information to be sent to Sticky Password. Uncheck the box if you do not wish to participate.

Click Install.


In a few moments, you’ll be prompted to let you know that Sticky Password was successfully installed on your computer.

The ‘Launch Sticky Password’ checkbox is checked by default.

Click Finish to exit the installer and launch Sticky Password for the first time.


If this is the first time you’re installing Sticky Password 7, you will be prompted to create a StickyAccount. This is your secure cloud account that is used to back-up your encrypted database. If you use Sticky Password on multiple devices ( Sticky Password is available for Windows computers, Android smartphones, iPhones and iPads.), this account is also used to synchronize your passwords across your designated devices.

In order to take advantage of online synchronization, you can create your StickyAccount now. (You can also skip this step by clicking Skip. You’ll be able to create your account later on the Sticky Password website.)

Enter the e-mail address (your StickyID) and Password (your StickyPass) that you will use to log into your StickyPassword. [Note: your StickyPass is not the Master Password that you will use to protect your passwords in your encrypted database. Your StickyPass is a separate password that is used to authenticate the connection between Sticky Password and your cloud account. ]

Click Create.

If you’ve already created your StickyAccount, then click I already have a StickyAccount to enter your Sticky credentials.

GS-7You are now connected to your StickyAccount. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of online synchronization which includes synchronization with your mobile devices.

Click OK.

GS-8Create your Master Password. Your Master Password is the strong password that you will use to lock and unlock Sticky Password and the encrypted database that protects all your passwords. ONLY YOU will know this password.

In order for it to be strong, your Master Password should contain at least 8 characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one numeric character.

Read the information about your Master Password in the data box on the page. Check the checkbox to confirm that you have read the information.

Click Create.

Important: your Master Password is the private key that secures and unlock Sticky Password database. Keep it secure and safe – without it, you will not be able to access your data!

GS-9Select the browser or browsers that you’ll use with Sticky Password and click Next.

GS-10Now enter your Master Password.

Click Unlock to begin using Sticky Password.


Sticky Password installs as a fully functional Trial. You can use all of the functionality for 30 days before it will be necessary to enter a valid license key.

Click Buy now to purchase your Sticky Password license online.

Click OK to continue your 30-day Trial.

If you purchased Sticky Password online and created a StickyAccount using the same email address for your StickyID that you used to buy Sticky Password, then your subscription will be activated automatically on all your devices. (You will not have to type in your license key.)

If your subscription is not activated or you purchased the Sticky Password Desktop version, please follow these simple steps to enter your license key:

Click I have a license key.

GS-12Copy your License Key from the confirmation email you received when you purchased Sticky Password and paste it into the License key field. Click OK.

GS-13Your Sticky Password license is now activated.

If you prefer to activate your Sticky Password license later, you can do so at any time by clicking on the Sticky Password icon in the systray in the lower right corner and selecting Enter license key.


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