Today, I’ll show you how quick and easy it is to install Sticky Password on your Windows computer.

Download the Sticky Password installer to your PC from our website. (You can also find the installer here (While your computer may be set up differently, files are typically downloaded to the Download file, or to the computer’s Desktop.)


Go to the location where you downloaded the file and double click on it to start the installation. The installation file will be named stpass_xxxxx – where ‘xxxxx’ represents the software build of Sticky Password you are downloading.


Select the language that will be used during the installation and click OK.


Thank you for downloading Sticky Password!

Click Next.


After reading the License Agreement, check the check box to accept. You must accept the License Agreement in order to continuing installing Sticky Password.

We’d love for you to help us improve the user experience! Check the check box in order to participate by allowing anonymous usage information to be sent to Sticky Password. Make sure the box is unchecked if you do not wish to participate.

Click Install.


In just a few moments, you’ll be prompted to let you know that Sticky Password was successfully installed on your computer.

The ‘Launch Sticky Password’ check box is checked by default.

Click Finish to exit the installer and launch Sticky Password for the first time.


Welcome to the First Run Wizard, where we’ll walk you through a few important settings! Continue by clicking Next.



If this is the first time you’re using Sticky Password, click Create a new Account.

Your StickyAccount is your secure cloud account where you’ll manage your Sticky Password license and devices. Sticky Password synchronization lets you have access to your passwords on all your devices!

Sticky Password is available for Windows and Mac computers, Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads.

Thanks to your StickyAccount, you’ll be able to synchronize your passwords across your designated devices and to take advantage of the options to back-up your encrypted database via our secure cloud solution, or on you local Wi-Fi, or not at all.

If you’ve already have a StickyAccount, click Connect to your existing Account to enter your StickyAccount authentication credentials – you’ll be prompted to enter your StickyID (your email address that you used when you initially set up your account) and your Master Password.


In this example, I’ll show you how to create your StickyAccount.

Enter your email address (your StickyID) and create your Master Password. Your Master Password is the strong password that you will use to lock and unlock Sticky Password and log into your StickyAccount. [Note: your Master Password is the only password you have to remember. You will use it to protect your passwords in your personal encrypted database, and to authenticate the connection between Sticky Password and your cloud account. Only YOU know your Master Password.]

Click Create my Account.


Confirm your Master Password. Tick the check box to confirm that you have read and understand the information about the importance of remembering your Master Password and click Continue.


Click Enable cloud sync to have your encrypted database seamlessly and securely synced on all your devices, and backed up via our secure cloud servers. Sticky Password always synchronizes and backs up the encrypted database! Your database is accessible only to you, and only on your devices.

By selecting Disable cloud sync, your encrypted database never leaves your device. Regardless of the choice you make during the installation, you will be able to manage the settings for syncing your encrypted data later.


Now you can select the browsers you want to use with Sticky Password. (You can add and remove browsers later, too.) Click ContinueYou can also check out our tutorial for managing the Sticky Password autofill plugin in browsers.


You’re all set!

When installing Sticky Password for the first time – as a special gift from us – you have 30 days of the Premium version for free!

If you purchased Sticky Password and created a StickyAccount using the same email address for your StickyID that you used to buy Sticky Password, then your subscription will be activated automatically on all your devices. (You will not have to type in your License Key on your devices.) If for some reason, your subscription is not activated, click I have a License Key and enter the License Key you received when you purchased Sticky Password.


Sticky Password lives in the notification area (A.K.A. system tray) in the lower right corner of your desktop. If you  don’t see the icon, click the up arrow to display any hidden icons.

Notification area

To open (“launch”) Sticky Password. click the icon and select Open Sticky Password.