Today we’ll take a look at how to generate strong passwords using our password generator.  Always keep in mind that your passwords are the first line of defense against cyber criminals.

Let’s summarize some best practices for strong and smart passwords.

–          Use a unique password for each of your accounts

–          Use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters

–          Create a password that is hard for others to guess – Sticky Password does this for you

–          Make sure your password recovery options* are up-to-date and secure

–          Change your passwords regularly – follow the guidelines on each site you use

–          and let Sticky Password protect your passwords in the encrypted database

(* A couple of suggestions for good password recovery questions: When given a choice, don’t use the standard questions (like ‘what’s your mother’s maiden name?’) that can easily be answered by someone who knows something about you. Another way to make it harder for bad guys to misuse your password recovery questions is to use answers that don’t make sense, but that only you will know. For example, for the question ‘what elementary school did you attend?’, you might use ‘pizzeria’ as a response – this would not be an answer that someone who found out what school you went to would try. And the good news is that you can store your responses to these and other security questions in Sticky Password.)

Sticky Password prompts you to create a strong password when it detects password fields on an online registration form.

Let’s say you’re signing up for a new Gmail account. (Verify that your Sticky Password is running and unlocked).

The password generator bubble appears automatically next to the password field.

Click Generate Password.

The password generator dialog appears. Set the length of the password to be created. Click Additional options to see more password settings: upper/lower case, numbers and special characters. Remember, the longer your password is, and the more different characters a password has, the stronger it is.

Click Generate to create your password. Click the eye icon on the password line to see your password. Of course, Sticky Password will remember this new strong password so you don’t have to!

Click Use this password.

Both the password and confirmation password field will be filled in with the new strong password.

You don’t need to be registering on a website to access the password generator. Whenever you need to generate a strong password, simply click the Sticky Password icon in the Systray in the lower right corner of your monitor and select Password generator.