Jackass Presents: Goofy Heartbleed Guy

We know better than to underestimate the stupidity of our fellow man, but we think the guy who made fun of the Heartbleed Bug in the comments section of a recent The Switch blog (Washington Post) was either pulling our leg or trying to get new followers on social media. Let’s check out what happened, […]

Sticky Password and the Heartbleed Bug

Post updated April 18, by Sticky Password CTO Pavel Krčma Why your Sticky Password data was safe from Heartbleed. Here’s a summary of answers to questions I’ve received on our forum and via email concerning the Heartbleed Bug: Your passwords stored in the Sticky Password database are secure and have never been at risk because of […]

Holding His Breath Until He Turns Blue

At first glance, this story seems kind of funny, but it reveals a bigger problem. Mark Aronsen of New Zealand is refusing to change the password for his online account at the local power company. He says that he’s happy with his current password, and that the company is being ‘mischievous’ in their efforts to […]

Turnabout is Fair Play

In what is being billed as a free speech case, a girl from Minnesota wins a $70,000 settlement over her treatment at the hands of school administrators who made her tell them her Facebook password. Let’s take a look at what happened: A 6th grader writes on her facebook page that she ‘hates’ a school […]

So It’s Okay Then?

We pounced on the link as soon as we saw the headline: Admit it, You Don’t Care About Digital Privacy. By now, it’s almost intuitive that most people really don’t care that much about their privacy online. It’s not that they want someone snooping on them or knowing everything about them, but privacy is hard […]

The Π of passwords

Last Friday was Pi Day (3/14). Our niece was part of a school contest to see who could remember Pi out to the most digits. (We’re guessing that this is not an exciting spectator sport.) Even though she remembered it out to the 111th digit(!), she didn’t win. Not by a long shot. The winner […]

The Cognitive Dissonance of Online Security

Ever wonder about cognitive dissonance? You know, that confused moment as a child when you came across mommy kissing Santa Claus. (You had about a split second to decide whether to cry, or to tell on mom, or see if you could use the info to your advantage to wangle more loot from old St. […]

Facebook Isn’t Vegas

Bosses and government types who demand passwords to see what employees are saying about them just don’t understand Facebook. Here’s a great example of how it really works. Gulliver Preparatory School in Florida didn’t need passwords to find out what a former employee’s daughter (and former student Dana Snay) said about them in a FB […]

Yahoo Says Customers Must Use Yahoo IDs

In an effort to retain customers, Yahoo is changing their policy on allowing their customers to use 3rd party sign-in credentials on Yahoo properties. Yahoo will begin forcing users of their popular online services to use a Yahoo ID instead of their Facebook or Google credentials. For many this will mean having to create a […]

Passwords. Seriously. ! ? ;-)

With all the talk about security, do people really take passwords and security seriously? A recent headline tells us: New Password System at Springfield College Increases Security On the face of it, this seems to be a straightforward story of a business or institution – in this case Springfield College in Massachusetts – upgrading its […]