World Backup Day

Today’s the day! We know that you’ve been telling yourself that you were going to backup your documents and all those memories: important files, and photos of the kids and the cute pet pictures, not to mention your awesome music and video archives – everything on your computer. (You might not have thought that Monday […]

Lamantine Software Announces Partnership with Multi-Visions

Today, Lamantine Software announced a partnership with Multi-Visions Canada Inc. Lamantine Software, creator of Sticky Password, provides online password management and security. Sticky Password efficiently creates and organizes passwords, provides automatic login into websites and applications, one-click form filling, storage for personal data, and basic collaboration functionality for small groups. Multi-Visions signs-on as North American […]

Secure Multiple-Device Password Management with Sticky Password 7.0

Latest upgrade moves password management to the cloud for fast synchronization. Brno, Czech Republic, September 24, 2013 – Lamantine Software, with over a million satisfied customers, is pleased to announce the first cloud-centric version of their popular Sticky Password software.  In addition to secure generation and management of an unlimited number of passwords, Sticky Password […]

Security Guru Pavel Krčma Joins Lamantine Software as CTO

Our entire Lamantine Software team is excited and honored to welcome Pavel Krčma as CTO. See some of Pavel’s comments here: “I spent last 14 years in antimalware industry being malware analyst and later Head of Viruslab in AVG Technologies. I am happy to bring my experience with cross-platform development, secure design and management of […]

Sticky Password Android App Sneak Peek

Hey all Sticky Password Fans! We’ve promised our Sticky Password 7.0 Beta soon and it is coming! But to show you how really close we are, here are couple of screenshots from the new Sticky Password Android App. Hope you like it. That’s all for now, we have to test it internally and have it […]

Ubisoft to Customers Following Data Security Breach: “Change your password”

Gaming company Ubisoft urged its customers to change their passwords yesterday, following a security breach that exposed encrypted passwords, usernames and user email addresses. Ubisoft, the third-largest gaming company in the United States and Europe, said that it reacted instantly to close the breach and that no financial information had been accessed, but nonetheless encouraged users […]

Common Tips Can Help Boost Password Security

Consumers who want to ensure their online security is not in jeopardy must focus on their passwords. If these credentials are not effective in keeping malicious parties from accessing their various accounts, people are more prone to suffering identity theft and other problems if personal and sensitive information is obtained from outside sources. A THV 11 report […]

The Cost of Identity Theft

Consumers who fail to practice effective online security may quickly find themselves victims of identity theft. Passwords are one of the first and most important safeguards for keeping sensitive data safe from malicious criminals. However, many use identical credentials for all of their accounts or fail to ever update these phrases, making them a prime target […]

Lax Social Media Passwords Can Result In Identity Fraud

Social media websites are a hotbed for cybercriminals looking to take advantage of consumers with lax password security. People who participate in these channels on a regular basis may find themselves a victim of identity theft or other fraudulent activity if they are not careful. Members of the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden said that […]

Cyber invasion: How secure are you online? [infographic]

The cybersecurity landscape is a dangerous one, especially for unsuspecting consumers who neglect to update their passwords. How significant is this type of protection? Every two out of three adults who access the internet will be victims of cybercrime in their lifetime. Overall, 44 percent of crimes this type are reported by those between 40 […]