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CTO Pavel joined Lamantine Software in 2013 from AVG Technologies, where he led the Viruslab. He brings experience in the security industry and development of large projects.


Russian Security Breach Revealed: What It Is and What You Need to Do

The headline in The New York Times is daunting, “Russian Hacking Amass Over a Billion Internet Passwords”. Yes: BILLION! The story? It is being reported that a close knit group of Russian hackers have breached massive amounts of data. Here are the numbers: more than 420,000 websites have been harvested and data stolen from them, […]

Sticky Password Users Safe From The New OpenSSL CCS Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224)

Just two months after the alarming Heartbleed Bug made headlines, a new OpenSSL vulnerability has been identified. Labeled as CVE-2014-0224, the new vulnerability is a CCS injection vulnerability that makes it possible for attackers to read communication sent between a client and server. This is known as a ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack, because the attacker is intercepting […]

We Heart iOS 8

iOS 8 has just been announced and we feel like kids in a candy shop! There’s a lot that’s being introduced that will let us provide great features for Sticky Password customers. Access to Touch ID is super news! We know that frequently unlocking the password database – while necessary for security – can be […]

Sticky Password and the Heartbleed Bug

Post updated April 18, by Sticky Password CTO Pavel Krčma Why your Sticky Password data was safe from Heartbleed. Here’s a summary of answers to questions I’ve received on our forum and via email concerning the Heartbleed Bug: Your passwords stored in the Sticky Password database are secure and have never been at risk because of […]

Sticky Password Release Improved Browser Interaction

The new release of Sticky Password has been released today, and we wanted to let you know about the new functionality you’ll enjoy with it. In addition to various fixes and minor cleanups, Sticky Password 7.0.5 includes several improvements for better browser interaction. As an update, the new release is available to customers who have bought […]