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Gabriela Jordánová

Gabriela Nárožná - Sticky Password Tutorial Team Leader


Being Safe on Facebook

If you’re using social media, then it’s more than likely that you have a Facebook account. (I know I do! 🙂 ) Facebook is great for staying in touch with friends and family, but the security and privacy settings can be a little tricky. Every once in a while, the team at Facebook is known […]

Sticky Password Gives You Local Sync Options for your PC and iOS

Today I’ll show you how to use Local sync over your Wi-Fi or other local network. To take advantage of all the benefits of backing up and syncing your data, make sure that you’re using Sticky Password Premium. Sticky Password offers two types of secure data synchronization. Synchronization via the cloud – allows you to backup […]

Autolock on your iPhone or iPad

In my previous tutorials, I showed you a couple of options that are simple to activate and will help protect your passwords even more for Windows and your Mac. Today, I’ll show you how to set Autolock for your iPhone. Autolock locks Sticky Password when your iPhone or iPad has been inactive for a set amount of […]

Be Safe with Sticky Password

Today, I’d like to review some basic rules for working with Sticky Password that will help keep your data secure and ready whenever you need it. Use a strong Master Password and remember it. Your Master Password is the key to your encrypted database. A strong password is long and strong and not easy to […]

Sticky Password Autolock on Windows

In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you a couple of options that are simple to activate and will help protect your passwords even more. I’ve had a few requests about the Autolock feature. As you’ll see, it’s easy to set up just the way you want it. Autolock locks Sticky Password when your PC or notebook […]

How Do I Print My Passwords?

A lot of people have asked our support team about printing their passwords stored in Sticky Password. First of all, you need to be aware that: passwords printed on a piece of paper are not protected. If you really do need to print your passwords, please be careful: don’t leave any paper with your passwords lying around, and […]

Importing Data on Your Android Device

The past two weeks, I’ve focused on importing and exporting your secure Sticky Password database on Windows desktops. This week, I’d like to show how to use the exported Sticky Password database and importing it on your Android device. We’ll start by exporting your Sticky Password database just like described in an earlier tutorial. Then we’ll […]

How To Import Your Exported Data

In last week’s tutorial, I showed you how to export your passwords and other data to an encrypted file. Today is the time to show you how to import those exported files to Sticky Password. Click the Sticky Password icon in the lower right corner of your screen and select Open Sticky Password. Click Menu in […]

How To Securely Export Your Data

Have you checked out all the export options available with Sticky Password? Today, I’ll show you how to securely export your data in encrypted format. This is very useful when you need to share login credentials for a selected account(s) with a co-worker, family member or friend in safe way. Click the Sticky Password icon in […]

Sticky Password Autolock on Mac

In today’s tutorial we’ll take a quick look at our Mac version. With the current version of Sticky Password for Mac, you may have noticed something new in the menu bar (beginning with Build rev489) – the Sticky Password icon. This is the Sticky Password Agent. The Sticky Password Agent is a component that allows […]