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Back to School Basics (and good advice for the rest of us)

Whether you’re a student, the parent of a student, a teacher or professor – even if you’re none of the above, you’re probably getting that itch that comes at this time of year. The end of the summer is near and everyone is in a back to school frame of mind. After the heat of […]

The Top 5 Myths About PC Slowdown

One of the most common and perplexing issues that confronts PC users of all types is why their computers seem to slow down noticeably after only a few years of use. To answer this age-old question, people have come up with all kinds of explanations for the persistent problem of PC slowdown. Yet some of […]

Passwords and Digital Amnesia

How important are your passwords ? Let’s start this blog entry on a philosophical note: If you had an accident and lost all your memories would you still be the same person? Also would you be the same person if you liked different kinds of music, made other decisions in life or had different friends? […]

How to Unlock Unlimited Fun, Savings, and Privacy with Your VPN While Traveling

Traveling keeps us busy with sights, selfies, and so much new stuff we just have to see and do. But there’s so much more you can get if you know the right tricks. Here are seven ways your VPN can help you save money, have unlimited access to your favourite entertainment and be invisible online […]

Let’s Chat About Authentication #ChatSTC and Dentists

This morning, as I was drinking my industrial-size iced coffee (coffee purists look away!), I was thinking about the oppressive heat (100+ °F) and other exciting stuff. More specifically, I was mulling over the Twitter chat that we participated in last week. The educational and entertaining chats are hosted by the good folks at Stop.Think.Connect. I […]

Sticky Password is now integrated with Firefox browser on your Android device!

Great news! Sticky Password now works with the Firefox browser on your Android device. Let’s take a look at how to enable and use the Sticky Password extension for your Firefox browser. Run Sticky Password and tap the menu button in the top right corner. Select Settings.   Select Autofill in external apps.  Tap the […]

Sticky Password Offers New Browser Extensions for Android, iOS and Mac to Enhance Online Security

Better integration and auto-filling now available across users’ favorite Web browser platforms NEW YORK – June 8, 2015 – Sticky Password, a leading password management software provider, today announces new browser extensions on Firefox for Android, Safari for iOS, and Safari and Chrome for Mac, so users can have an improved experience of its trusted […]

Is Your Antivirus Software Protecting You Against Keyloggers?

Every device plugged into your PC has the potential to be used for logging activity! Keyloggers have been around for decades, and they have evolved beyond simply tracking keystrokes. Threats today are as varied as they are numerous. While simple keyloggers are used to capture your keystrokes, more advanced malware can silently turn on your […]

NISM Winners June 30: Real Adventures in Internet Security

Announcing this week’s winners of the Real Adventures in Internet Security Bundle Giveaway Event. One last big ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who sent us an entry. With your stories, you have raised awareness of the importance of staying safe online and you’ve helped others stay safe and protect themselves. All winners received super security bundles […]

The Experts Make the Case for Online Backup

The internet can be a scary place. With all the talk of celebrity hacking, computer malware like CryptoLocker, and NSA Prism scandals, it can seem like nothing online is safe. While it’s true that being an “online citizen” these days means that you have to be a bit more cautious than in the past, it […]